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Bring the Inside Out with Customized Outdoor Lighting

Being outdoors is undeniably one of the gifts of the warmer months. Yet at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we understand that there’s a difference between simply being in the outdoors and really living in them. Our customized lighting solutions, available throughout the DC Metro area, help you create outdoor “rooms” and other special areas that are not just safe but are as inviting and reflective of your unique personality as your home’s interior is.

Step Out — to a New Room

Most sundecks, porches and patios are literally an extension of the house, in terms of attaching to your home’s exterior wall. But they don’t always feel emotionally connected to the house — especially if at night they become black pits outside the screen door.

We’ll help you create a space that creates a magical and secure outdoor “room,” while at the same time avoiding harsh glares shining into the interior. Special touches on porches, patios and decks might include uplit illumination from surrounding plantings, warm spotlights near an outdoor table or festive overhead string lighting.

Outdoor Lighting in DC Metro

Turn Pathways into “Hallways”

Just as a well-lit hallway invitingly connects different parts of your home’s interior, an illuminated pathway connects your home’s nearby exterior spaces to those that are further afield. Perhaps you want guests to feel comfortable heading to the backyard for a midnight swim or to check the stars from your gazebo. Or maybe you’ve created a special fragrance garden that’s especially inviting at night. Whatever the destination is, a beautifully illuminated path makes for a safe — and beautiful — connecting point from your doorway to that special area.

Show Off Stunning Structures

Pools and pool houses, gazebos, guest houses and across-the-yard walled patios — all of these unique spaces can be magical places to explore after sunset. In order to set that mood, however, you’ll need the proper lighting to both see where you’re going, and for it to be appealing to visit. Our one-of-a-kind fixtures create those softly-lit, cozy spaces most people only expect indoors.

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Our team of trained and experienced lighting professionals and designers can help bring your property to life. You’ll find that here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we are a trusted choice for lighting for hospitality locations across the Potomac area, so give us a call today at (202) 838-5143 to learn more.

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